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YOU Too Can Learn How To Significantly Improve Your Business With Ease!

The Complete Business Improvement Toolkit For Small Business

Exclusive Package Offer For Readers Of Business Is A Science..

The Most Comprehensive & Complete Toolkit For Developing And Improving Your Business..   1000's of Tools, Techniques, Playbooks, Step By Step Guides, Videos, Templates and Tutorials.

The Greatest Gold-Mine Of Tools To Help You Significantly Improve Your Business Ever Crammed Into One Place

Here's What You Get In This Special One Time Package..

Asset #1:

The Marketing Core Elements

A Comprehensive Video Program Based On The Core Elements Of Marketing As Detailed In The Business Is A Science Book.  Learn The Secrets Of Transforming Your Sales & Marketing Efforts At Zero Additional Cost.

Asset #2:

Business Improvement Toolkit

Life Time Access To The Business Improvement Portal.. One Of The Largest Resources For Business Improvement Materials. 1000's of Tools, Templates, Strategies, Techniques, Playbooks, Workbooks, Checklists To Help You Significantly Drive Change Into Your Business.

Asset #3:

Web Presence 101

Accelerate Your Web Marketing Results With The Web Presence 101 Marketing Programme. How To Improve The Reach Of Your Business By Using The Power Of The Web. The Quick & Easy Way To Improve Your Internet Results

Asset #4:

Business Is A Science Monthly Improvement Journal

12 months FREE subscription to our Monthly Improvement Journal titled, Business Is A Science.  Packed with tips, techniques and strategies to improve your business. Sent directly to your inbox every month.

Asset #5:

Scientific Marketing Makeover

Instantly & For ZERO Cost Maximise The Results Of Your Most Important Marketing Strategy. The Scientific Marketing Makeover is a proven and time-tested system for improving the results of your sales and marketing strategies. We conduct an assessment on any piece of your marketing collaterol. 

Asset #6:

90 Steps To Becoming A Great Business Owner

90 hints, tips, tricks, and strategies to turn you into a Great business owner. A 280 page guide that's a must for any business owner. Includes everything from Mindset, Leadership, Marketing, Setting Goals, Productivity, Entrepreneurship & Self Development.


Total Pages in 185 Playbooks & Guides


Minutes Of Instructional Videos


Essential Business Categories


Templates & Step By Step Checklists

Package Item #1: 

The Marketing Core Elements

PROVEN TACTICS & STRATEGIES to Give You Fast Growth... We partner with 'The Core Asset' one of the world's leading business growth coaching and consulting organisations to deliver a range of Business Growth Programmes.  Get access to the contents of our Growth Club workshop which teaches you the 9 Core Elements of Marketing.  The beauty of this is that the program can be implemented step by step in your business for ZERO extra cost. 

  • The 9 CORE ELEMENTS of Marketing

  • Implement In Your Business At ZERO Extra Cost

  • Step By Step Guides Make Implementation Really Simple

  • Templates and Checklists To Ensure You Are On The Right Track

Over 4 Hours Of Video Training

175 Pages Of Step By Step Playbooks

18 Templates & Checklists

What is it?

This is our signature programme for the passionate small business owners which takes them step by step through how to improve their sales and marketing without adding extra cost.  It is a structured programme which consists of step by step videos, playbooks, templates and checklists.

Who is it for?

This Marketing Core Elements programme has been created following the success of our Growth Club, a monthly group session which takes curious, driven and passionate business owners through step by step how to drive changes in their marketing.

Where does it happen?

This is a purely online programme based on our group coaching Growth Club.   Learn without the inconvenience of physically leaving your business and at the pace that you prefer.

How does it work?

Just pay for this package, we will send you your log on details and you get instant access to not just the Marketing Core Elements materials but all of the Business Improvement Assets. 

When does it start?

Log in and start whenever you like, their is not time limit or pace. You set your own pace and you can go back over the materials as often as you like.

Why does it exist?

This programme is essential for small businesses that want to maximise their return on marketing investment.    It takes you through step by step how to ensure your marketing materials are optimised and delivering leads time and time again.  Its a must and whats even better, you can do this at zero cost.

Here's What We Show You In The Marketing Core Elements Program

  • 41 min Instructional Video

  • 24 page Step by Step Playbook

  • Fill In The Blank Template

  • Can't Go Wrong Checklist

  • 20 min Instructional Video

  • 8 page Step by Step Playbook

  • Fill In The Blank Template

  • Can't Go Wrong Checklist

  • 17 min Instructional Video

  • 6 page Step by Step Playbook

  • Fill In The Blank Template

  • 12 page Headline Planner & Can't Go Wrong Checklist

  • 17 min Instructional Video

  • 11 page Step by Step Playbook

  • Fill In The Blank Template

  • Can't Go Wrong Checklist

  • 13 min Instructional Video

  • 4 page Step by Step Playbook

  • Fill In The Blank Template

  • Testimonials By The Dozen Letter & Can't Go Wrong Checklist

  • 4 min Instructional Video

  • 5 page Step by Step Playbook

  • Fill In The Blank Template

  • Can't Go Wrong Checklist

  • 5 min Instructional Video

  • 4 page Step by Step Playbook

  • Fill In The Blank Template

  • Can't Go Wrong Checklist

  • 15 min Instructional Video

  • 6 page Step by Step Playbook

  • Fill In The Blank Template

  • Can't Go Wrong Checklist

  • 5 min Instructional Video

  • 4 page Step by Step Playbook

  • Fill In The Blank Template

  • Can't Go Wrong Checklist

Yes!! YOU Too Can Learn How To Significantly Improve Your Business With EASE!

Package Item #2: 

The Complete Business Improvement Toolkit

The most comprehensive collection of Business Improvement tools and strategies available.  Get instant LIFETIME access to the Business Improvement Toolkit now.  Over 1000 step by step playbooks, checklists, done for you templates, workbooks, strategies, ebooks, video training, excel tools and much much more.  Use all of the tools and templates included as you wish.  We cover pretty much every business topic a GREAT business owner would want to know about.

  • Covering 22 Business Categories From Business Development to Training, Finance and Operations

  • 596 Video modules over 2,600 minutes of high quality how to guides.

  • 185 Playbooks, Instruction Guides & ebooks with over 4,000 pages of first class content.

  • 40 step by step Workbooks with over 700 pages.

  • 80 step by step Checklists.

  • 177 Fill in the blanks templates.

Brand New Content Added Every Single Month!!

Here's What You Get With Our Business Improvement Toolkit

Business Capability

A range of tools and strategies to help you improve the capability of both your business and your team

Business Tools

A selection of tools that you can use to help with your digital marketing, web site building, email marketing, standard offline marketing and developing your excel skills.

Business Development

Business Development strategies and tools covering business startup, branding, outsourcing, understanding the strengths & weaknesses in your business and much more.

Colleague Motivation

Everything you need to build high levels of staff engagement and colleague motivation.   Having a motivated workforce will drive significant improvements in your business and will support it running without you.

Customers & Customer Service

How to understand how the customer is always king, customer engagement surveys &  how to develop customer relationships

Digital Marketing

100's of tools, strategies and playbooks to significantly enhance your digital marketing.  From Facebook to Google, from Linkedin to Pinterest, from SEO to Twitter you will find it all here.


Want to know how to build financial best practice into your business, well this is the section for you.  From developing a P&L to understanding your cashflow, we have templates, playbooks and strategies to help you.

Health & Safety

Every business is required by law to ensure the safety of colleagues and visitors.   Find tools and templates that you can use to make your workplace safe

Improvement Journal

Our monthly improvement journal gives 12 packed pages every month of tips and tricks on how to improve your business.   Get access to the last 12 months worth of back issues here.


Leadership in business is critical to building a high performing machine that can work without you.  You will find tonnes of material, playbooks and templates on how to bring inspirational leadership to your business.

LEAN & Continuous Improvement

Maybe you haven't heard of LEAN but this is a principal that's deployed in many businesses to drive continuous improvement. Originally developed in Toyota, the tools and techniques in this section will help you build a business that can continually get better every day.

Management Governance

Tools, templates and techniques for measuring, monitoring and making sure your business runs consistently.


Running an operation in a safe, consistent, reliable and repeatable way is key to ensuring your customers get what they want time and time again.   In here you will find tools and templates to help ensure your operation is effective.

People & HR

Building a team that are looked after, have clear boundaries and structure and knowing what they are doing will help you build an enterprise that will thrive.  Tools, templates and strategies to ensure your people are looked after and developed whilst working in a reliable and repeatable way.


Tools, strategies and playbooks to help you improve both your personal and business productivity.  

Sales & Marketing

Strategies and tools to help you improve the sales and marketing of your business including increasing the number of leads and conversion.   Both offline and online strategies.

Self Development & Mindset

Having the right mindset will ensure you improve both yourself and your business. Tools and techniques to help you develop yourself, your mindset and ultimately your business.

Strategy & Planning

 Setting direction and having clear goals in your business will help you get to where you want to go far more quickly than not having them in place. Tools to help you set goals and objectives along with tracking progress.


Having systems and processes in your business with staff working to them in a consistent and repeatable way will help transform your business into a machine that works repeatably with out you. 

Training Workshops

A number of training workshops that you can use to develop your staff be it behavioural or technical. Each workshop comes with workshop slide presentation and instructions on how to run each workshop. Covering topics such as dealing with conflict, customer service, time management, leading teams and much much more. Over 50 first class workshops included here.

Project Management

100's of tools and templates to help you get organised and control projects or initiatives in your business.  Including charts, project plans, budget templates and project management methodologies.


Everything you need to not only help you build your web site but to ensure it is built with top class content and works to generate leads for your business.

Here's Just A Small Selection Of Some Of The Asset's You Get With The Business Improvement Toolkit

  • Business Strategy Roadmap

  • Set Your Goals Workbook

  • Goal Setting Powerhouse

  • Strategic Website Content Course

  • Reinventing Yourself Playbook

  • Success Principles

  • Overcoming Excuses

  • The Power Of Taking Action

  • Unlock Your Full Potential

  • Sales Dashboard

  • Lead Generation Tracker

  • Customer Relationship Tracker

  • Sales Pipeline Tracker

  • Sales Call Tracker

  • High Ticket Sales Playbook

  • The 5 min Guide To Online Sales

  • Copywriting Expertise

  • Powerful Offline Marketing

  • How To Build The Perfect Sales Funnel

  • Selling The Benefits

  • Organisation Chart

  • Objectives & Key Milestones

  • Meeting Agenda

  • Contact List

  • Communication Plan

  • KPI Dashboard

  • Manufacturing Inventory Tracker

  • Stock Management

  • Data Entry Management System

  • Simple Action Log

  • 1-2-1 Action Log

  • LEAN Manufacturing

  • Kaizen Secrets

  • LEAN Assessment Tool

  • Customer Engagement Survey

  • Leadership Affirmations

  • Business Spreadsheet Skills

  • Return To Work Form

  • Absence Trend Analysis

  • Management Training Matrix

  • Weekly Absence Tracker

  • Timesheet & KPI Tracker

  • The PPC Marketing Handbook

  • The Productive Entrepreneur

  • The Complete Outsourcing Cheatsheet

  • eMail Marketing Methods

  • eMail Marketing Success

  • List Building On A Budget

  • How To Get Customers Excited

  • How To Make More Per Sale

  • Marketing Planner

  • Doing Business With Paypal

  • Video Marketing

  • Linkedin Business Essentials

  • Modern Twitter Marketing Playbook

  • Internet Marketers Handbook

  • Pinterest Marketing Playbook

  • Instagram Guides

  • Facebook Remarketing

  • Small Business SEO Playbook

  • Wordpress Training Guide

  • How To Close 5 New Clients

  • New Employee Checklist

  • Payroll Calculator

  • Weekly Timesheet

  • Employee Leave Tracker

  • Operator Selection Test

  • Employee Opinion Survey

  • Code of Conduct

  • Colleague Engagement Forum

  • Helping Your Team Achieve Their Goals

  • Effective Communication For Leaders

  • Discover Your Leadership Style

  • Leadership Skills

  • Ways To Build Your Influence

  • Ways To Build Confidence In Your Team

  • Leadership Qualities Assessment

  • Operating Manual

  • Process Implementation Plan

  • Standard Operating Process Templates

  • Monthly Health & Safety Audit

  • H&S Cross

  • The Youtube Success Guide

  • Customers Are King

  • The Comprehensive Business Startup Playbook

  • Strategy Playbook

  • Service Provider Action List

  • RACI Matrix

  • Project Plans

  • Risk Register

  • Product Roadmap

  • Project Budget

  • Pareto Chart

  • Waterfall Chart

  • Project Pipeline Tracker

  • 90 Day Goal Planner

  • Weekly Goals & Daily To Do List

  • Simple Productivity

  • Competency Based Pay Framework

  • Employee Details Tracker

  • Employee Rota Tracker

  • Recruitment Tracking Worksheet

  • What Is A KPI

  • Daily Review Checklist

  • Site Logistics Dashboard

  • Reason Code Analysis

  • Supplier Scorecard

  • Understanding The Financial Basics Of Your Company

  • Tax Management

  • Setting Up Sound Financial Habits For Your Business

  • Sound Bookeeping Techniques

  • Financing Your Business

  • Maintaining Good Business Credit

  • Compiling A Profit & Loss Statement

  • Reviewing Your Financial Plan

  • Creating Your Budget

  • Creating A Cashflow Forecast

  • Employee Exit Interview

  • Employee Handbook

  • Business Plan Workbook

  • Quotation Template

  • Breakeven Analysis

  • Business Startup Expenses

Here's What You Will Achieve When You Use The Tools, Techniques & Strategies From The Business Improvement Toolkit

Increase Business Productivity

Implement LEAN into your business driving productivity and operational improvement

Implement Financial Controls

Introduce robust financial best practice so your business sits on solid foundations

Implement Systems

Train your staff in your processes and produces, therefore implementing a systemised approach freeing you up to have more time

Enhance Your Web Presence

Use our playbooks to enhance your digital presence on the web including Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads and many other platforms

Increase Your Sales Leads

Introduce at no cost, marketing strategies to significantly increase your leads

Attract More Paying Customers

Implement strategies to convert your leads into paying customers that will spend more with you and come back time and time again

Improve Your Productivity & Achieve Much Much More

Use our self development tools to improve your personal productivity, your mindset and have manageable and achievable goals that sets you on your business improvement journey

Develop Your Team

Train your staff in a variety of different disciplines with ready made workshops.  Building a capable workforce will ensure your business runs repetitively and reliably. 

Motivated & Engaged Team's

Build an engaged and motivated workforce, ensuring you all work together pushing your business forward.

Don't Wait Another Moment! Grow Your Profit Now!

Package Item #3: 

Web Presence 101

A unique and detailed report of your web presence, along with an 18 point program to show you how to increase your presence on the internet.

Start By Getting Your Free Web Presence Diagnostic Reports Today.

Your unique diagnostic report will assess your own web presence performance and give your recommendations on how to improve it. See where your web site sits in terms of its Google My Business rating and more importantly how you compare against your competitors!! 

  • Your unique Google My Business diagnostic report

  • Your unique, Search Engine Optimisation diagnostic report

  • Two unique reports, specific to your own business.  For zero cost.

Don’t Spend Any More Money On Your Internet Marketing Or Web Presence Until You Have Checked Out This 101 Programme.

Tired of Getting The Same Old Results?

Struggling To Get A Return On Investment For Your Internet Marketing Efforts?

Simple, Easy To Understand Content Designed For Business Owners That Want To Do It Themselves

  • Instant Access Allows You To Start To Learn The Strategies Immediately And Put Into Action Today

  • Fit Your Learning In Between The Demands Of Your Busy Day To Day By Undertaking In Your Own Time

  • Easy To Understand Which Means You Don’t Have To Hire A Technical Expert To Do It For You

  • 18 Bite Size Modules Which Allows You To Stop & Start At Your Leisure

  • No Tricky Stuff To Digest As The Simple Step By Step Modules Make It Easy For The Non Techie To Understand & Implement

  • Over 10 Hours Of Content Making The Programme A Fully Comprehensive Learning Experience Giving You All Of The Skills You Need To Drive Improvements In Your Web Presence

  • Special Bonus: Free Lifetime Access To The Latest Web Marketing Platform Giving You All The Tools To Develop A First Rate Web Presence, Including Email Autoresponders, Mobile And Desktop Responsive Web Page Builder (Don’t Pay Any More For Expensive Hosting Or Building), Membership Platform, Video Hosting, Ecom Cart And More. Saving You Hundreds Per Month.

  • Get Access Today..

    This programme is designed to help accelerate your internet marketing activities.

    Having a strong presence on the web is essential in todays digital age. Never has it been more critical for a business to have a strong presence on the web. With the demise of the high street and consumers switching spending habits on line, it has become essential for businesses to ensure they are using the internet to promote their brand and offer.

    Even if your business is not an online store, having a presence which drives traffic to your web page, converting leads into sales and building social proof is a strategy which businesses should ignore at their peril!

  • Web Page Essentials

  • Funnel Building

  • Lead Generation

  • Online Paid Advertising

  • eMail Marketing

  • Marketing Automation

  • Facebook Ads

  • Linkedin Advertising

  • Twitter Marketing

  • and much much more...

  • Here's What You Will Learn With This Leading Web Presence 101 Marketing Programme

    Curriculum is packed with tools, techniques and strategies to drive improvements in your internet presence and marketing activities

    Page Design

  • Essential Web Pages

  • Web Design Tools

  • Page Design Process

  • Funnel Building

  • Planning Your Funnel

  • Creating Your Splitting Offers

  • Creating Your Funnels

  • Lead Generation

  • Lead Magnets

  • Landing Page Design

  • Traffic & Optimisation

  • Paid Traffic

  • Facebook Ad Campaigns

  • Search Advertising On Google

  • Banner Ads

  • Banner Advertising

  • Creating Banner Ads

  • Ad Campaign Goals

  • Setting Up & Running Campaigns

  • eMail Marketing

  • eMail Platform Basics

  • The eMails

  • Advanced Automation

  • Marketing Automation

  • Automation Tools

  • Common Automation Tools

  • Building Workflows

  • GEO Targeting

  • Preliminary Targeting

  • GEO Targeting On Facebook

  • GEO Targeting With Google Ads

  • eCommerce

  • Preliminary Targeting

  • Designing & Customising Your Store

  • Stocking Your Store

  • Linkedin Marketing

  • Overview of Linkedin

  • Setting Up A Linkedin Business Account

  • Leveraging Personal Profiles

  • Campaign Manager

  • Creating Linkedin Ads

  • Targeting & Budgets

  • Creating Linkedin Ads

  • Facebook Marketing

  • Why Facebook

  • Your Facebook Marketing Goals

  • Your Content Strategy

  • Your Facebook Presence

  • Creating Facebook Ads

  • Twitter Marketing

  • Campaign Objectives & Details

  • Ad Groups & Targeting

  • Creating The Ad & Launching The Campaign

  • Pinterest Marketing

  • Overview of Pinterest

  • Setting Up & Using A Pinterest Business Account

  • Tools For Pinterest Marketing

  • Messenger Marketing

  • Creating & Connecting Your Manychat Account

  • Overview of The Manychat Platform

  • Setting Up Your First Broadcast

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • SEO Keyword Research

  • On-site & Off-Site Optimisation

  • SEO Tools, Services & Outsourcing

  • Split Testing

  • Common Elements That Can Be Tested

  • Creating Test Variations

  • Analysing The Results

  • eLearning

  • Recording Video Lessons

  • Uploading & Creating Your Course

  • Managing & Monetising Your Course

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Finding A Product To Promote

  • Marketing Channels

  • Advanced Tactics

  • Here's What You Will Be Capable Of Doing With This Web Presence 101 Programme

    Principles Of Page & Funnel Design

    Essential Web Pages, Web Design Tools, Page Design Process. Planning Your Funnel, Creating Your Splitting Offers & Creating Your Funnels.

    Paid Traffic & Banner Advertising

    Facebook Ad Campaigns, Search Advertising On Google, Banner Ads. Creating Banner Ads, Ad Campaign Goals & Setting Up & Running Campaigns.

    eMail Marketing & Marketing Automation

    eMail Platform Basics, The eMails, Advanced Automation. Automation Tools, Common Automation Workflows, Building Workflows.

    Lead Generation

    Lead Magnets, Landing Page Design, Traffic & Optimisation.

    Social Media Marketing

    Overview Of LinkedIn, Campaign Manager, Creating LinkedIn Ads. Why Facebook, Your Facebook Presence & Your Content Strategy.

    Effective SEO

    Search Engine Optimisation Keyword Research, On-site & Off-Site Optimisation, SEO Tools, Services & Outsourcing.

    The Complete Toolkit Comprising Of Over 1,000 Tools, Techniques & Strategies To Help Any Business Owner Significantly Improve Their Business

    Package Item #4: 

    The Business Is A Science Monthly Improvement Journal

    Proven Strategies & Success Formulas To Quickly & Cost-Effectively Grow Your Business.

    GROW YOUR BUSINESS: The newsletter is written to give you proven and practical tactics and strategies to grow your business quickly.  Issued every month and packed with useful and applicable content that you will find invaluable to bring about change in your business.

    How Often Do You Find Yourself Saying: "I Wish I Knew How To Grow My Profit's"

    Package Item #5: 

    The Scientific Marketing Makeover

    Instantly & For ZERO Cost Maximise The Results Of Your Most Important Marketing Strategy

    Zero Cost

    The improvements we suggest to maximise your results can ALL be made with ZERO extra cost.

    Fast & Easy

    You'll be able to implement the improvements quickly and easily, bringing you results fast.

    Instantly And With Zero Cost... Improve Your Results From 25% - 550% (Often More) With the 'Scientific Marketing Makeover'

    How We Get Improvements For You?

  • CORE ELEMENTS: After decades of testing and literally tens of thousands of tests we've discovered that there are 9 key tactics that make marketing work.

  • IDENTIFY: To improve the performance of any of your sales and marketing strategies, we first identify which Core Elements are present (and which ones aren't)

  • STRENGTH: We then analyse each Core Element in turn and evaluate its strength in terms of likely performance

  • SUCCESS FORMULA: Each Core Element has its own 'Success Formula'. In other words, each Core Element it is made up of 2 or more critical parts. Here's an example...

  • (D + S + C) = IO

  • ANALYSE: Using the Success Formula, we then score each Core Element in terms of its effectiveness.

  • SCORE: Because we've broken down the key components of Marketing into a science, we can score your marketing piece based on the Core Elements.

  • RECOMMENDATIONS: We then deliver our recommendations, which as long as you apply them, will transform the results of your marketing strategy

  • SUCCESS FORMULA: Each Core Element has its own 'Success Formula'. In other words, for each Core Element it is made up of 2 or more critical parts

  • What Marketing Strategies Can We Transform?

    Pretty much anything you use to generate leads or sales.

  • Pretty much anything you use to generate leads or sales.

    These Are the Strategies We Can Put Through The Scientific Marketing Makeover

  • WEB SITES (home page)


  • PRINT AD'S (magazines, newspapers, trade press, etc.)









  • LEAD MAGNETS (free reports, white papers, etc.)



  • AND MORE.....

  • WEB SITES (home page)

  • There isn't a type of marketing strategy we can't transform with the Scientific Marketing Makeover. 

    Our recommendation is you give us the strategy which you are spending the most on right now, followed by the home page of your website, but of course the choice is entirely yours.

    The improvements could be worth hundreds, thousands even tens of thousands to you over a period of time. 

  • How It Works.....

  • Within 5 Working Days You Can Start Getting Results...

  • STEP #1 : To take advantage of the Scientific Marketing Makeover, simply click on the button below to buy the Complete Business Improvement Toolkit..

  • STEP #2: Complete your details on the order form once you have made your payment.

  • STEP #3: As soon as you complete your details, we'll email you with the simple details on sending us your marketing strategy

  • STEP #4: We will then carry out the Scientific Marketing Makeover. 

  • STEP #5: Once we've carried out the Scientific Marketing Makeover, we'll send you the analysis and show you what improvements can be made and exactly what you need to do to transform the results of your marketing piece.

  • EXPECTED RESULTS: It is not unusual to get a minimum of a 25% improvement, but often improvements can be in the hundreds of percent, because few companies include the 9 Core Elements and those that are included are usually very poor in terms of application.

  • WHAT WOULD THIS MEAN TO YOU? Even a small improvement in results could translate into a significant increase in leads and/or sales for you.

  • Dare To Significantly Improve Your Business

    Package Item #6: 

    90 Steps To Being A Great Business Owner

    The final part of this awesome package is t